SIC Code for Web Design/Marketing?

I’ve been asked to provide an SIC # and can’t find any that are applicable on this list: Does anyone know if there is a relevant SIC code, and if not, which one do you use?


Best guess would be 7379 - Computer Related Services not elsewhere classified…

It could be Computer Programming Services as well. [URL=]Computer Related Services, Not Elsewhere looks interesting. It also depends on what you might be applying for - take that into consideration as well.

· 7336 Commercial Art and Graphic Design
· 7319 Advertising, Not Elsewhere Classified
maybe… ?

Thanks for the suggestions. I think I’ll go with 7379. Although I think of my business as a marketing service rather than a technical service, the advertising category seems to be too “niche” for what I do on the web. Amazing they haven’t come up with internet-related SIC codes yet!