Showing number of new posts


I am working on a php/mysql website which allows users to make posts, and other users to comment on them.

How can I create a notification that displays the number of new comments on a post?

What is the criateria for counting a comment as a new? Comment status? The try something like this:

$postid = isset($_GET['postid']) ? mysql_real_escape_string($_GET['postid']) : 0;
    $sql = "SELECT COUNT(id) as total_comemnts FROM tbl_comments WHERE post_id=$postid AND comment_status=0";

Hi thank you for you response.

I want the comment to be marked as new until the user views the comment, how do I go about doing that?

Show us the comment table structure if you have the field for that?


This is the structure:

post_id (the post which is being commented on)
user_id (the user commenting on the post)
comment (the comment)

So you have to add a field/column which indicates the status of the comment. It can be boolean type having true/false or 0/1.
0 = Not viewed yet.
1 = Viewed.

So add a field:
comment_status tinyint(4)

And insert 0 value in it when adding/inserting new comments. And use the SQL I have provided above to query the number of new comments. When a comment is viewed then update the field/column comment_status with the value ‘1’.

Hi I am not sure if this would make sense, as each comment isn’t inserted seperate for each user. So if the comment status is 1, it would be 1 for all users.

I don’t know what you mean but seeing your table structure, each comment will be inserted as a separate comment for the post. Otherwise why should the post_id and user_id are needed in the table.

Lets see if I grok this.

You are the original poster and you make a post at 1:00 pm.

Lets say for arguments sake you get a comment made every hour on the hour after that, starting at 2.00pm

So you go back at 3:15pm and you see “you have 2 new replies”.

You then go away and come back at 6.15pm and you see a message “you have 3 new replies”.

Is that what you are after?