Showing Flash logo or regular?

I have a website I’m playing with. A logo in Flash that I would like to use and also a plain one.
Is there a simple way to put a code in my html page so the page will show users with Flash the Flash logo and users without flash the pain logo image on my website?

It is just the logo I want to be different.

Yes use swfobject, then in the div that the swf will get placed in, put a normal img tag

Thanks a lot, but where can I find info on how to do that?

If you type swfobject into google, the swfobject page will show up as the first result, this has full instructions

You Guys are great it’s what I’ve been thinking about and didn’t think there would be a little script for it but I am very new to this and wonder which one to use because my pages are index.php etc.

Any advice which one is appropriate for my index.php pages would be great.


The top one should have the javascript file you need to upload alongside your index.php. The other two automatically generate code you need to insert into your php file