Showing content from the web on playing cards using JavaScript

My name is Eldad Zamler.

I have developed a new online HTML spider-solitaire and klondike-solitaire games using pure JavaScript jQuery and bootstrap. While playing, articles from around the web are displayed on top of faced-up cards.

It took me a while to design and code the JS effects and animations in these games, and it was not easy to supports mobile screen sizes (in pure JS). I feel that on mobile devices the displayed images are not good enough. I can’t shrink the images to fit on the card faces (too small) so as a fallback I display only the top center region of each image.

I am not an experienced UX designer.
Any tips from UX designers and/or JS developers can help me to improve the visuality of these games.

The game works fine to my opinion on any browser on desktop and tablet machines ,
but I need tips about better ways to display the content on small
android and iphone devices.

To check out the games open your android/iPhone browser and go to (click on any topic to start playing).

Thanks a lot.

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