Showcase Posting Guidelines

Guidelines for posting in the Showcase category

The Showcase Category enables members to share and discuss the non-commercial things they are working on. The web development / programming world is rich with amazing projects, apps, open-source projects, code repositories, productivity tools and so on, but it’s not always easy to find a place to present, discuss and even collaborate on them.

Think of the Showcase Category as a place to share and discuss work that’s primarily for the use, benefit or interest of the web community. If the primary motivation for posting is self interest or profit, it doesn’t belong here. This is not a place for advertising or promoting your business.

Here are some more specific guidelines for posting in this category:

Start a discussion

These forums are primarily a platform for discussion, so make sure to say a bit about your project, such as—

  • why you created it
  • what challenges it involved
  • what you do and don’t like about it
  • how you hope to improve it

… and so on.

Please don’t just drop a link to something and ask people to have a look. Your post will either be removed, or you’ll be asked to improve on it.

What about Reviews?

This is not a Reviews forum. If you’d like some aspect of your work reviewed, post a specific question in another forum relevant to your work.

For example, if you need some advice on your site’s UI, ask for feedback in the Design & UX forum. Similarly, if you’ve written some code and want it reviewed by your peers, post it in the most relevant code category and explain what kind of feedback you are looking for.

If you have any questions about the Showcase category, feel free to contact one of your friendly admins or moderators.

Happy sharing! :slight_smile: