Show top of page on load... (pagination)

I’m using a jquery paginate method


    var show_per_page = 4;
    var number_of_items = $('#paginate-content').children().size();
    var number_of_pages = Math.ceil(number_of_items/show_per_page);


    var navigation_html = '<a id="previous_link" href="javascript:previous();">Prev</a>';
    var current_link = 0;
    while(number_of_pages > current_link){
        navigation_html += '<a class="page_link" href="javascript:go_to_page(' + current_link +')" longdesc="' + current_link +'">'+ (current_link + 1) +'</a>';
    navigation_html += '<a class="next_link" href="javascript:next();">Next</a>';


    $('#page_navigation .page_link:first').addClass('active_page');

    $('#paginate-content').children().css('display', 'none');

    $('#paginate-content').children().slice(0, show_per_page).css('display', 'block');


function previous(){

    new_page = parseInt($('#current_page').val()) - 1;


function next(){
    new_page = parseInt($('#current_page').val()) + 1;

function go_to_page(page_num){
    var show_per_page = parseInt($('#show_per_page').val());

    start_from = page_num * show_per_page;

    end_on = start_from + show_per_page;

    $('#paginate-content').children().css('display', 'none').slice(start_from, end_on).css('display', 'block');

       $('.page_link[longdesc=' + page_num +']').addClass('active_page').siblings('.active_page').removeClass('active_page');


Could I add a line so that the page opens at the top instead of the current scroll level which is near the bottom.

you could always use an anchor:
<a id=“top”>some header or not</a>
entire page
<a href=“#top”>Go to top</a>

you’d have to fire the href onload

Try this just after $(document).ready(function(){

setTimeout(function() { $(window).scrollTop(0); }, 150);

Thanks for this (@pullo think i have a conflict with other scripts on page but it looks a good option). I’ll try and debug (


I just had a look at your page.
All you need to do is add this line:


to the bottom of your go_to_page function.

PULLO DAVE----- MUCHO MUCHO thanks… please tell me your also a PHP expert… : )

Sorry, I’m not.
The PHP forum has lots of these though. :slight_smile: