Show text slowly

Hi all,

This seems to be a simple task but i am not able to get my head around it.

On my page, i have a text with 2 buttons after it, for example

Disclaimer [Hide][Show]

When i press hide, it hides the text, when i press show it shows the text. So far its good and everything is working. Now i want to add 3 dots after disclaimer when i press the show button. like this

Disclaimer … [Hide][Show]

How can i make 3 dots appear one by one slowly ?

Pls guide me

I’m not a huge fan of the implementation (the multiple spans to build the ellipsis), but it works.

Sir, i want to have only disclaimer being shown. When i press hide, it will hide, but when i shall press show, it shall show disclaimer with 3 dots appearing slowly one by one.

Kindly guide me

Sorry, I misread the original post. See the updated code

See the below link for a version which is better on performance.