Should web designers have coding skills?

A Hootsuite fail yesterday meant that a tweet went out from our account without a link – meaning that people assumed that I was asking them a question. The response was huge, so I posted it on our Facebook page, to an even greater response! Figured I’d ask you guys too…

Should web designers have coding skills? What do you think?

You can read the responses from our Facebook community here, there are some really interesting perspectives.

I would say that it is good and positive if they have them but not essential. I think that they should have more knowledge of UX more than how things are coded. They’re, after all, in charge of creating the navigation and other elements which will be programmed so the user will be able to interact with them

Nowadays, it’s really hard to find a web design job without having some coding skills. Employers like to employ 1 person being a web designer & developer at the same time rather than 2 different persons. On the other hand web designers having coding skills can negotiate higher salary.

I’m beginning to think that Web Designers will be extinct. I’d say another 10 years, you’ll be fine but new products are coming out that doesn’t require Web Designer to create elaborate UI. Take a look at ExtJS or YUI (I’m sure there are many others) where they provide very good looking UI library to be used. It’s already happening now. Just go search “ExtJS” or “YUI” on They are looking for developers and not designers… Actually, I have yet to many someone who is Web Designer and not a Web Developer.

I think everyone should keep enhancing his/her knowledge, whether he/she is a designer or developer. In fact, for designers, it is necessary that they have HTML coding skills. Front-end coding is basically the responsibility of designers. However, if they also try to learn back-end coding, then it is a positive attitude towards the competitive market.

It’s a good point. Web Developer is a more perspective/popular career path which however involves a lot of time and effort. Being a designer is a more creative role that will give you more fun for sure. The choice is yours :slight_smile:

Web designer should have the knowledge of coding it will easy to find job and a good salary as well

It is rare to have artistic talent and technical ability found in the same human being. I think most HTML/CSS coders could design a basic site and most designers could learn to code a basic site. When you start getting to that advanced level, that’s where specialization occurs. A designer should have a basic understanding of what can and cannot be done in HTML and CSS and its limitations. Expecting an artist like a designer to have in-depth knowledge of CSS, Javascript, JQuery, and whatever else comes along in the future is unreasonable. This concept of specialization is why medical doctors don’t do open heart surgery and brain surgery and cancer treatments. They specialize in one area.

That is true, but at the beginning of the web designer/ web developer you should study and try everything to find what best suits you. Then go through one path and be the best at it and you will be paid lots for your knowledge.