Should we hold off on transferring website and domains until dispute settled

I have a question, I would appreciate the communities help on:

We have been providing Website Hosting and Online Marketing Services (SEO) for Company A for around 6 months.

Until 1 Month ago they were very happy with all of our services etc, left us good reviews and even recommended us to other people. A month ago due to lack of funds they decided to cancel their services with us. When we took our final invoice payment from them a few days ago, they became threatening (they would come to our business address/ personal address) etc.

Now they have placed a dispute for around £800 in payments taken from them in the last few months for their monthly services and some additional work we have done for them that they agreed too (signed agreement and communication via text to state they are happy for us to take the payments etc).

Our question is, until this dispute is settled, would you say we are within our rights to hold off on any transfer of services (website and domains) as the circa £800 disputed has been pulled from our bank account as held funds now until this is finalised which could take 2-4 months?

New to this, appreciate the help!

Well, you might have to seek an actual legal opinion on this. Querying web forums is going to get you in trouble, eventually, and the legality of your actions will depend on your local laws.

That said, if you dont own the domain, what right have you to hold onto it if the owner wishes to transfer it?

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