Should See through/bordered buttons have the same text colour as the border?

Hi there,

I have a see through button with a 2px border. I am wondering if there is a general rule that the text should be the same colour as the border?

I have these two examples:



I think the one with the darker border is a bit too much, whereas the lighter border is a bit softer. However, I am not sure if the text on the light one should be dark or light to match the border. If I make it the same colour as the light border, it would be hard to read, but just wondering if there a rule of thumb that says the border should be the same as the text with see through buttons?

If anyone has any suggestions on what is best practice, that would be great, thanks!

There is no rule of thumb.

To make it more obvious that it’s a button you could give it a 3D effect . . . .

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