Should I use seperate accounts for each client?

When registering domain names and purchasing web hosting, should I lump all of my clients into one account?

I’m concerned that if I do that and one of my clients does something like violates the web-host Terms of Service the company will shut down all of my other websites which belong to other clients.

Hi [Redacted],

On Fri, 02 Sep 2011, you wrote:

> I’m interesting in renting a VPS and then using it to host my clients
> websites on it but what happens if one of my clients violates your TOS? Will I
> be allowed to re-mediate the violation, or will you instantly terminate my
> VPS and therefore shutdown all my customers?

Unfortunately, we take our TOS very seriously, you are correct in that a
TOS violation would potentially suspend your entire account, and shutdown
all services. As you are a reseller, it will be your due diligence and
responsibility to ensure and stress to your customers the importance of
our (and yours by proxy) TOS. Please note that prompt action on your part
in the event of a TOS violation, can greatly decrease any amount of
downtime you may receive as a result. The important take away here is as
you will be responsible for your clients, it may behoove you to place
them in separate accounts if there is any concern as to the type of
content they will be hosting, and simply use you as a referral (see the
DreamHost affiliate program for more information:
DreamHost Affiliates | DreamHost).

If you have any further questions regarding your DreamHost services, drop
us a line at any time.


As ralph.m stated, you are ultimately responsible for any clients that are under your hosting account, but if they violate something, the host will inform you about it and you then take action by removing their account. If you do nothing and keep allowing them to violate the terms, THEN the host may take action against you, but you won’t be terminated instantly if one of your sub-accounts does something wrong.

I wouldn’t agree with that. Actually, I’d say the opposite. I think it would be easier to have them all together under one account. If you have separate accounts for each client, that means you have that many logins to keep track of to manage the accounts. If you have them all under yours, you simply need to remember your login and you can then transfer / remove any account you have listed.

Okay. It sounds like my best bet is to check with my provider and make sure they don’t have a zero tolerance policy or something.

i would keep them separate, in case i have to transfer them the domain makes it lot easier.

What do you mean by that? If you get a reseller account or VPS, you can host all of your client sites. If one of them does something wrong, you can shut down just that site. If you are organizing separate web hosting accounts for each client, I’m not sure what the issue would be.