Should I pay for a company to do some local targeting for me?

I run a website that sells School Uniforms. I have been in communication with a company that wants to do local targeting for me, and run a trial of 3200 visitors at $0.25 per visitor.

If I do the calculations based on my conversion rate I get from all visitors that come to my site, I cannot make money with this.

But, could it be that this traffic is much more targeted? They do want a long term deal, and seem quite confident they can make this work for me.

Would it be worth to spend the $800 for this? Or should I be thinking a different direction?

I would ask them to do a test with a smaller amount of traffic say 1000 visitors or so, so you are not out so much money to start with. If they are truly confident in their traffic then it should not matter that you start small and build up if the traffic converts.

But why you not work on conversion bases for this deals… you tell them i will give you 2 per deals … i think it will work for you can you will get good ROI from this then pay per visitors… you can also try Google Adwords for advertize your products on your targeted locations on your keywords…

I doubt that’s all locally targeted visitors. By the way your from Canada, then your target market should be in Canada too, right? I don’t think 3,200 unique visitors for your site will surely be gain in just a month or what. This will surely fall into automation, I guess.

Most likely you are getting in a trap. Nobody can guarantee you traffic with numbers like that.

you cannot trust anyone in that way.Better if you run google adwords or ppc.That will gives a return.Though that will be costly for you.Yet much more better.