Should I move my domain to a new registrar

I currently have a domain which I use for business purposes. The domain is controlled by the same company that hosts my site, although it is registered in my name.

I have heard lots of horror stories about registrars going bust, and then domain owners being unable to regain control of their domain. In some cases, the domain lapses and is subsequently brought by someone else, who holds it ransom.

So, should I look at moving my domain to a new registrar, such as godaddy or some other large company. My hosting company is by no means a fly-by-night (I have had websites with them since 2005), but I do worry that one day they could vanish, along with my domain.

It is a address, so responsibility rests with nominet. However, I know they can be quite unhelpful when it comes to reclaming domains.

Please do not move your domain to GoDaddy or enom in any case. They are much more horrible.

It will be best to move to resellerclub, they are most secure and trouble-free.

You may get many advices from diferent people. We have told you our experience. Our all 13 domains are with resellerclub now and we are tension and trouble free.

Good luck.

unless your hosting company is an official Registrar as well, I recommned not to keep your domain under your hosting company control. You should register your domain yourself and then point the domain to the hosting company of your choice. If they do not offer the service you are expecting, just point your domain to another hosting company of your choice and you are done.

There is a possibility that your hosting company is a middle-man who helps you to register a domain. You can actually request to have your domain login details. If the domain is yours, you MUST have the login details to manage your domain information.

Please check the domain Registrant and the Administrator contact are your name. These 2 refers to the ownership of the domain. If those information are not your name, you have no way to move your domain also.

Only move your domain if you have sleepless nights otherwise there is no risk. As $10 are far less than one bad night.

If you are 100% sure that you have dedicated acess to your domain names account and domain name belongs for you - be patient.
Some companies tie their clients in the such way. So make sure you are not one of such clients.