Should I Make The Move?

i work in a team for a year and and i am web developer. ofcourse no one else knows about much of design or aesthetic sense. its been long since i been in a war with 2 guys (previously from same office) of semantic and how things work, coz they code for DB and for them just one browser is fine and no testing or anything is done. while a input type hidden can ruin/destroy my design and i am not given heads up. until i find out at 11th hour. so as i am working of 3 projects with tight deadline. i wrote a detailed email about what has been going how and how i m professionally bullyed etc etc. in the end i told my boss that my credibility is on the online n i seen it get hurt for their ego and lame work and that i won’t be able work if this doesn’t stop.
do u think its fine or there is a better approach to it coz my work in like mountain on my shoulder n these guys keep putting more and i run in circles

Go find another job, if you feel like things don’t go well anymore. It’s a matter of bridge over water now.

You need to be looking around for another job anyway just to know what’s out there.

Ideally with a company who knows what a “front-ender” is.

Emaar has the jQuery-ninja book, but I agree that plain Javascript is also good to start.

Check out either the Javascript LIve course and/or the Simply Javascript book… though I’ve heard the Head First Javascript book was excellent by the javascript gurus.

i need to skill up too. for now i am good wid PS,CSS,HTML. i need to put more under my belt.

I think if you learn enough CSS and proper HTML markup to confidently put your excellent design skills to layouts no matter how bizarre, this will make you valuable… with front-end, it seems people are either good with graphics or good with code. Your graphics are good. Your code is ok… needs to get better. You can learn Javascript at the same time but I would focus on HTML/CSS the most now because your Javascript is only as good as its API (which is the DOM).

freeancing need steady income and its hard to fine good client who pay well

not really but i did put email to boss telling him whole telling, i know one thing is my heart if one is true and honest to his work and himself, no one can uproot him. still no word from my boss but i m awaiting for his consent or face 2 face talks

If your design breaks because of what the back end guys consider to be a trivial change, you have to consider whether your design is sufficiently robust.
Treat everything as a learning opportunity - managers don’t like having to play referee in a blame game, so you as a single individual have little chance against a larger group.

Well, since you’re a front end guy (HTML, CSS) Javascript looks like the logical next step. :slight_smile:

You definitely need to make some kind of change, whether it’s an actual “move” or not. Working where you’re not happy will only become more depressing over time. Find what you love, what makes you unique, and follow that dream. Best of luck to you. I know it’s tough.

Hmm, sounds bad. Are you in a position to go freelance?!

It sounds to me like your coworkers are viewed as being more valuable to you so you probably did make a big mistake with this e-mail.

Start looking for another job because I’ll bet dollars to donuts that they are currently looking to replace you because of that e-mail and you don’t have many options with your limited skill set in terms of other opportunities.

this in JS is a reference to the current object…

Ok, start looking for another job now. Put it in simple terms - you are working with relics and old programmers who do not want to and will not change.
This situation will never change and there is nothing you can do.

Its not your fault but it is your problem. When something affects your work directly as this is doing then it is time to move on.

well yea i told my boss in clear words in email that i will quit simply if i am tempted more to fix problem more than working on my own. the comment i only got from people i talked about is u did wrong. never say this. i tell them what can i do. i can’t clean up the floor 10 times a day if someone spill the juice on floor 10 times just coz he is careless

i don’t understand why my boss wouldn’t discuss on a table where we all site despite he calls up to ask what’s wrong. i wonder why. for now i wish i could have magic stick to learn how to make something like jQuery ingrid to have scrollable and column drag type thingy :stuck_out_tongue:
@stomme. my code is good to i validate it but i can’t be held resposible for my colleagues who start a th and end it wid td :stuck_out_tongue: and do stuff like

<td><input type="hidden" size="30"></td>

:smiley: and call themself senior software engineer. i wish i was clever enough to shove my colleagues’s talk across there brain
@gudio2004 about javascript. what on earth is this in JS,

If I were you, I’d start looking around. If your boss is annoyed with you because you told him about the problems between you and your collegues, that are damaging the work results, then it might mean that a) he doesn’t care, or b) he thinks you are the problem. Neither is very good for the future.
Hey, it might all boil down to nothing, but it doesn’t hurt to look around, now, does it?

my boss is sort of cranky after the email. he did discuss with the colleagues of mine but he is sort of annoyed with me. makes me think. is it time to quit? then again i m not skilled more than front ender and not much of them get paid well

your right.actually i was reading this article of BNET and i found out 10 things bad manager are bad. i don’t say he is bad, but thing is the all said in email to my boss should be put and discussed while on a table.instead he gave me task which i told him “i have to study”, and he wants me to implement by tomorrow. and i been studying JS since whole day. i need to skill up too. for now i am good wid PS,CSS,HTML. i need to put more under my belt. donno where to start coz everyone has a different definition of “web developer”

maybe you can visit so you will have an idea I hope I can help.

If I were you just do your work don’t mind them as long as you are doing your work and your boss trust you and if you want be a freelance provider like me it is more fun.