Should I make backlinks in websites of my niche?

I want some suggestions for choosing websites for making backlinks, Should I go for high DA websites of any niche? or should I specifically go for websites relevant of my website’s niche?

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I would suggest that you shouldn’t “make” backlinks at all, but should instead earn them.

Links which you place yourself are at best regarded as worthless by search engines. Creating links with the intention of manipulating search ranking is a violation of the ToS of all the large search engines, and may result in your site being penalised or removed from search.

You need to create high quality content which other sites will choose to link to.


Like I should post relevant content in which people are interested right?

Surely that goes without saying? smile Why would anyone visit your site, if not to read your content?

Unique, high quality, content is what will attract visitors to your site, and also encourage other sites to link to yours.

I have posted a relevant content still not getting high organic traffic, I don’t know why?

There could be many reasons. Perhaps your site is very new, or there is high competition in your niche, or your content is too similar to other sites, or the quality of your content is poor, or …

In other words, it’s something you will need to determine for yourself.

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This question makes me ask this.

Why are you running a website?

(and no, i’m not being snarky, or insulting, i’m genuinely asking… what is motivating you to create and invest time in a website.)


I have this idea of making a website successful by attracting organic traffic towards it and then sell it to people.(plus I am doing something productive, so your question is a little irrelevant
@m_hutley )

Choose Your Niche and if You Have Some Extra Money Then Purchase Any Paid SEO Tool For Getting Fast Ranking.

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How to bookmark a website permanently?

Your question is unclear.

Are you asking about bookmarking a site in your browser? If so, then which browser are you using?

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No, I am asking about the Social bookmarking technique for backlinks

In that case, I am merging these posts with your existing thread, as the issues are all related.

As I explained before, placing links yourself is a waste of time, and may do more harm than good.

Any reputable site will mark user-generated links as “nofollow” or the more recent “ugc”, making then useless as backlinks anyway.

Thanks for your question annabrone24. Instead, I would recommend writing content on other website blogs that have to do with your website’s niche. Find the blogs that are relevant to your topic, find the contact info of the owner, and offer writing an article for them that includes a link back to your website (that is relevant to the blog post). But if you go down this route, make sure the content you write is really helpful for the blog owner and their own audience. Make it good quality. Make it relevant. Make it helpful.

it is better to create in your niche

Welcome to the forums, @rorocib575.

A brief statement with no explanation is seldom very helpful. Please explain why you are giving this advice.

Well my suggestion would be to make niche relevant backlinks. When it comes to backlinks it is not about the quantity it is all about the quality. 1 niche relevant backlink can be more powerful than 10 irrelevant backlinks. So, go towards niche relevant backlinks.

If you are working on micro niche, then you can get backlinks from the parent niche. Suppose you have an article on best carpet cleaner for pets, then you can make backlinks on the sites which are covering carpet cleaners, vacuum cleaners, carpet shampooers etc.

I hope it will clear your concept.

why not .any one can post a link on the site.what is the purpose of the forum. Forum is making of discussion and backlinking only. if we did not post a link on the website how the other person comes to our website. And how we can get traffic. Some websites gets money for this purpose.but not everyone can do this.

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Exactly what @TechnoBear started in post #2 above. Also discussing how backlinks could hurt your site if done unwisely.