Should I get a new web host?

I am doing some checking on our web host speed. Our pages and site is well optimized (Magento).
But the First Byte does not seem to do well:

First Byte Time (back-end processing): 49/100
719 ms First Byte Time
210 ms Target First Byte Time

Should I be looking for a new host?

That tells me you probably have something being downloaded that is of some significant size. Have you opened dev tools after loading your site (after clearing cache) to see what the filesizes are?

For the first byte? That sounds like it’s taking a while for the instance to spin up or waiting for resources.

But @maartenvr, there really isn’t enough info to answer this. Who is your host and what type of plan are you on?

Oh, yeah, that may be it. Not sure what I was thinking of.

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I am with on a VPS. It is maximized for all their options. RAM, space etc. It is optimized for Magento.

Hmm… I’m not sure then. It really sounded like a shared hosting or maybe a PaaS problem.

You might just be maxing out your server. Is it a moderately high traffic site?

It looks like that host maxes out at some pretty low specs. I’d probably consider switching to a larger host with more room to grow.

First I would have to know your website address so I can verify this for you. Optimisation is one thing… then size… host …dns’s… geo location and many many more factors that your loading speed depends on.

Try using a CDN service like Cloudflare. Also, Did you optimize your images ? Try using Pingdom to see what is slowing down your website, it checks the site speed and allows you to see which element is taking long to load etc. If the problem is with the host, try switching, Hostgator works pretty well in my experience, not sure your website needs by the way. Well , I hope it helps you !

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