Should i dump this guy?

Recently, one of my friends introduced a guy to me. To be honest, he is not good looking, there are many acnes in his face. Though he treats me very nicely, but i have no feeling for him. He is nothing close to my type. But on the other hand, i think maybe it is because of his appearance. I don’t know how to do now, should i dump him? Or wait and see how things going?

i think you should wait…

Well, feeling attracted to a guy for his looks may seem very superficial. A deep relationship is really built on common grounds and personality… And yet, we do feel attracted for the looks at the very first time…

You say that you feel nothing for him. Chances are that his acne will disappear with time but you said that you have no feeling for him whatsoever… so I think that you answered yourself. If you don’t feel attracted by his personality, looking like Brad Pitt will only make you stick for a short period of time but that relationship will die anyway.

Personally, do yourself (and him) a favour and leave it right now. You’ll hurt him less now that if you stay for another month just waiting to see if there’s a spark there. And he deserves someone that really likes him.

Feeling is just like a just pregnant woman, time would make it more and more obvious

If you can’t find any feelings for him within your heart, it’s better to let him know straight away. Don’t try to give a person false hopes if you simply don’t like him.

Dude - get over yourself.
First up don’t be so damn superficial, secondly this is a tech forum - not a dating site for lonely suckers.

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