Should I buy followers from paid websites?

Currently I started a blog. And I am doing SEO to get traffic. But now I am thinking to increase my blog presence on social media.
And I found many websites which provides instagram followers very cheap.
But someone told me that these followers are not gonna helps me to increase website traffic, they don’t have reach.
And gaining followers naturally is a very difficult task.
I was thinking to buy 1000 followers plan. It was only for 5$.
But I am afraid it will affect my blog SEO in bad way.
Guide me please.
Waiting for your helpful advice.

Beats me why anyone would think it a good idea to buy followers. Like as not, they will all be fake accounts and not real people.


I’m also puzzled as to how buying fake Instagram followers is supposed to have any effect on a blog.

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May I draw your attention to a pertinant quote of…

Bishop John Bridges (1536–1618) . :winky:



Buying followers is easy and shortcut to increase followers on social media however it is not beneficial as they are not real account.

I suppose it’s a bit like filling your wallet up with Monopoly money.
You can quickly and easily gain an impressively fat wallet, yet it is almost completely worthless and of no real use.


It depends, if your planning to buy followers to gain social trust then it would be helpful but if you buy followers to gain traffic to your site, then it’s not worth a penny because it’s a fake account. I think it’s better to buy a post than to buy a followers. 10 real loyal followers is better than 1000 fake followers.

Both SEO and Social Media plays vital role in getting website traffic. I recommend you to not to take help of these paid websites to get traffic.

Here are few major points that will help you to upsurge your website traffic. Have a look!

  1. Keep your website and blog content fresh and updated. Make sure it does provide value to your users.
  2. Give stress over your headline. Add emotional words to it, as it will increase your blog open rate.
  3. Create Longer-Form Content
  4. Add Meta tag, Meta description and keywords
  5. Promote Your Content on Social Media More Than Once

Do not buy fake followers, continue doing SEO to get traffic this method it will take times but in future, you can be seen results on your blog and all traffic were organic. So suggest you SEO is good for your blog.

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