Should FAQs go on the homepage

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I am wondering if it would be a good idea or not to have a small FAQ section on the homepage. This section would be used to tell users about the website and features rather than having sections for this.

I wondered if this is good or not, or would it be better to have proper “about” sections on the homepage?

Any suggestions would be great,


The answer is…it depends.

  • How complex are your FAQs? A handful can go on the main page, a bunch should have their own.
  • How complex is your site? If it’s a few, then each page could have their own FAQ, but a complex should probably have them all in one place.
  • Are the FAQs specific to just one page/concept? If so, then putting them on the appropriate page could work. But if they cover multiple topics, then putting them in one place would make more sense.

But the most important thing is be consistent and make sure people can find them.


Thanks for the reply.

The website is a community website that will have business listings, events and jobs. There will be two types of users: residents and businesses. I will be having a pages for adding listings, premium plans etc, so these will probably need FAQ pages, but not sure if the homepage should have some explaining what the website is about to both type of users.

FAQs are a good indicator of an issue with your content or interacting with visitors. But it would be best to make it so that people find them easily, no matter FAQs are added to which page/section. The most important thing is to be consistent in the FAQ, whether on the homepage or footer.

That’s not really the job of a FAQ. That’s marketing material.

A FAQ answers common questions to common issues/problems encountered in regular usage.

Marketing material is used to encourage people to start using the page on a regular basis. They may take the form of FAQ since it’s a pattern is familiar, but the intent is different.


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