Should a firm go in for Facebook Page or Facebook Individual Profile?

What is the best way to garner potential through Facebook? Should we create our business profile on “Facebook Page” or we should use “Facebook Individual” account where we can add “Friends” in the list. As “Facebook Page” profile does not have friends list what is the better choice?? “Facebook Page” or “Facebook Individuals” Account?

I’d go for a FaceBook page, as I fail to see the point in having (to accept) ‘Friends’. Allowing people to simply like (and thus follow) your FaceBook page should already to the trick. It keeps everyone who’s interested up to date and that’s the point of having a FaceBook page, after all.

I agree with Macy-Lynn go with the page it is a lot easier. You can use your individual account also if you need to gather friends :slight_smile: Hope it helps

You are only permitted to use a page for your business. Personal accounts are just that, personal, and intended to be used by individuals for direct connections under their real name with specific benefits, and limits, geared towards user to user use.

With so many businesses on Facebook now, deviating from this will just make for an odd experience for your interested followers.

Yes, Thanks a lot. I find the strong point in the advice :slight_smile:

It is good to make Facebook page for business and it should be updated with company’s latest updates this helps in branding of a company

As Ted pointed out

additionally in Facebook terms prohibit users from having more than 1 personal account.

Also, as an individual you are limited to having 5,000 friends whereas there is no maximum number of likes.

Bottom line: Page all the way.

i go for facebook page,coz we can create facebook page only when we have an account.In this way we can maintain a profile and a fan page.

Yes, there is no option of friends list in fan page but you can make friends on profile and can invite them to your fan page.

I find it kind of sad when I see a business promoting itself as an individual account. It goes to show they don’t really have the nouse for advertising and are not very internet savvy.

Exposure is the magic word since consumers take about three sitings before the product registers. Same as motorway drivers who often miss the first two turn-off signs :slight_smile:

A quick Google…

Three? Nah, it often only takes a glance to register:

My point was businesses using personal accounts on Facebook instead of using business pages as they should, not businesses using social media as an advertising tool.

I did like the video and there were quite a few logos displayed, posters, tshirts, newspapers, window dressing, etc and also as a friend who was in advertising often said “If you’ve got it, flaunt it”.

I think Fb page is the right choice for any firm.

Why? Please elaborate and give reasons for your opinion WAI.

Facebook profiles are meant to represent a single individual and if you are willing to represent a company or firm than Fb business pages are best.
A page represents your company without showing any face with it.

Facebook page is really designed to promote a business, a product, service, brand, person, cause etc. Even FB is recommending to use a Page for companies/organizations/etc to showcase their work than using a personal account. Also, you can promote your page through paid advertising, unlike in a personal account.

I’d disagree with that. I’ve seen small firms build FB pages and get absolutely no business from it at all. Apart from a few family and friends liking it there’s nobody of interest taking any notice of what they are promoting.

For big firms it is a must.

Not every business is going to find results from a facebook page, twitter account or whatever the tool may be but by in large I like the opportunity more for locals than big names. As a big name you’re communicating on everything to everyone while a local business can really build something related to what they do with people who follow because they know them.

Now that said, my plumber is unlikely to get a like from me no matter what his page is about. But that’s ok… he’s got Yelp, service review and others to try out.

It should be a Facebook page, not only does it look more professional, but you don’t have restrictions like only 5,000 friends.

Facebook pages are separate from user profiles, and it is designed for an organization’s needs to communicate, distribute information/content, engage their fans, and capture new audiences virally through their fan’s recommendations to their friends. Facebook Pages are designed to be a media rich, valuable presence for any artist, business or brand.