Shopping Website : India

We have started our new Shopping website for India. Now preparing a marketing plan and strategy. Apart from SEO what other internet marketing we can look into ?

All your suggestions will be valuable!

There’s a lot… from paid search to social media ads to comparsion shopping to display advertising to integrated sponsorships to branded email campaigns to webinars to free content.

I’d suggest you start by looking at the sticky notes in this forum to see some of the common tactics and resources, apply them to your local market and test what’s working to decide what to really invest and pursue initially.

Thanks Ted!

Also planning for coupons too.

Ted S has said all …

Marketing is interesting but it is not easy. You have to plan the campaign and implement accordingly. The result might not look good at the start, well, just treat this as a “cooling off” period. You will see the fruits if keep working on it. All the best!