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Hi Chaps, does anyone know of a simple shopping cart tutorial that: enables people to update quantities, that is flexible enough to use data that already exists (products, ids, prices etc already stored in DB) and has been written after 2008.

At this stage, im not interested in merchant processing as it be for initial quotes rather than full processing.

Ive searched around for the last few days and they are either really old or bundled with so much bloat. Something simple that i can get my teeth into and make it look nice :smile:

Thanks in advance

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It depends on what you need, really. There are some very simple carts out there, but importing DB info isn’t trivial. If you have a bit of programming nous, something like Stripe might be worth checking out.

I guess Shopify would do just the job for you. It has some native “Importer plugins”, so DB import should not be a problem. But, actually, nearly any popular cart could work with the existing database if you use a dedicated data transfer tool for that (Cart2cart, for example.)

I’m sure WooCommerce or Bigcommerce could work out for you too. But Shopify is, no doubt, the easiest to work with among those three.

Yeah, Shopify is great for it. I can totally recommend you to use it for such a purpose. I alos use the templates for it from website which will be very helpful for you as well.

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Why dont you try WooCommerce with litextension? Why WooCommerce?
It is quite easy, cheap but beautiful for improving online site.

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