Shopping cart - Submitting multiple items in one form


A client has asked that i implement the equivalent of a bulk order form which consists of multiple items, each with an option to enter a description and quantity so the table.

i have attached a screen shot to illustrate how data s captured. For each row of items i have a hidden input which contains the value of the product id.

When a customer enters details for each product i need to store this in a session variable so that i may later add the order details to the database on the order confirmation page.

My only problem is that im not to sure how to store the form variables in a session in which i can later loop over and then add to the DB. can any body please advise. I’ll provide any information on request. Thank you.

well i think these are basics in any shopping cart
so i hope you may need some further assitance as well
by the way have look at these,these will help you or help to solve your questions

Thanks for your reply.

both links only show how to create a session and store a single identifier to the use to later retrieve relevant values fro ma DB.

My implementation is slightly different because as part of the deliverables a user may enter an description as well as any quantity values without any restrictions on what the may enter on bot input fields.

This means that i need to store all relevant detail in a session before moving to the next page.

would the following theory work? i came across this fro man ASP.NET site but was wondering if this would be the best way to resolve this…

"Another solution could be to use a database , i have once created a system
that created a GUID with the start of the session for ordering purposes
the user could select all sorts of parts and at the end transfer them to a
order basket and order them , in the sql server i run run a maintenance
script that every 60 minutes checks if there are incomplete ( abandoned )
orders and so remove them