Shopping cart problem

i have problem with my stores shopping cart, if a customer presses the add to cart button it doesn’t refresh the page , the customer gets confused weather the item added in the cart or not, pls help

Hi aamir123,

Yes, usability is an important issue. If users are getting confused, then either change the cart behavior, or, if that’s not possible, then get a better cart.

We can’t really say much more without more details on what you are suing.

i am using a majento based store ver 1.7 ,

Hm, I added a product to the cart, got a warning message, then a message that the item had been added to the cart. But then going to the cart button, the cart was empty. So this is a bit borked at the moment.

The cart is totally dependent on JS, which is why you aren’t getting the page load. Not sure how you set this up (is it just an out of the box template?), but personally I’d ditch this and try something better.

I have also like that problems, and we are using cs cart