Shifted Left on Mobile

Hey Guys,

Having a bit of trouble with this site I’m currently working on.

Everything on computers look fine but when I pull it up on my phone thebackground image of the slider-wrap is shifted to the left and doesnt cover up full to the right side of the screen same as the footer all the elements are in the right spot but the orange in the footer doesnt go right to the edge on the right side.

Here is the link…



The .row section is pretty wide fo a mobile, and you don’t have widths set on other sections, like the footer.

What stands out more, though, is the 5.2 MB header image. That’s disasterously large for the web—especially mobile. 200 KB is the biggest I would allow, so optimize it for the web with something like Photoshop.

Oooops I forgot to optimize that picture. Will need to do it. But any way I can fix the other issues I’m having with the image container and the footer, the rest of the site works correctly. Thanks.