Shell Script To Delete A File OS X

Need to create a simple script to integrate within a Mac PackageMaker installer to delete a file. In the example below, the file to delete is test.file , and the full path is

/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Plug-ins/CC/test.file

I have been searching forever and can’t find an example.

Well, looking at this, it looks to me like you would put into preupgrade file a shell script.

Mac is at its core a linux kernal, so your script can as far as i know be as simple as
rm -f /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Plug-ins/CC/test.file

(Note: I’m not a mac user, i’m not a PackageMaker user, and i’m not responsible for the destruction your Package may inflict by abusing information given to you.)

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What’s the purpose of this? You can pretty much delete a file by dragging and dropping it to the Trash can.

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