Sharing an email account

Hi everyone,

I have been living together for a year now and one of the things I run into is communicating to the outside world, for example via email.

One receives the mail from, for example, the internet provider and the other mail from the energy supplier.

Now it is possible to import the mail into Gmail, for example, so that we can read it both.

How do you do that?

In Gmail, go to Settings and select Accounts and Import.

Can you do this with two mail accounts?

Using some kind of client (such as Thunderbird) will allow both of you to check both accounts. Otherwise, you could set up a forwarding rule to forward everything from account a to account b (and possibly vice versa).

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Hi @Gandalf and @James_Hibbard ,

First of all, thank you for your answer. Now I have just taken out a web hosting package in the Netherlands and added an email account.


Is it possible to import the mails from that mailserver into gmail on two accounts?

It might be easier to forward emails to your new account to the two Gmail accounts.

Just remember that if you forward emails through cPanel, it sends a copy to Gmail (or wherever), but leaves the original on the server. You have to remember to either download or delete mail from the server to prevent your inbox from filling up. (Or have a long-suffering spouse to do it for you. rolleyes)