Shared parental leave

Expecting our first kid in February :slight_smile: and the UK has some awesome new laws in place. In the past the man had 2 weeks paternity leave and that was it but now i can share a years worth of leave with my fiancee. So we are both taking 6 months off (+3 weeks saved leave) so about 7 months in total each. Not only that but you also still acrue holiday and any missed bank holidays so i’ll come back to a full years leave (30 days for me) + 4 missed holidays + 3 days extra leave we get at christmas + any bank holidays up to march 2018. Going to take every friday off when i return plus a week or two here and there.

So looking forward to getting to spend time with my fiancee and new baby :slight_smile:

Don’t think my employer is going to love it quite so much!

If anyone is looking for a 7 month php developer job based in ross-on-wye UK for a charity there is a job going from end of Jan 2017 :wink:

Congratulations buddy! I don’t have a need for a 7 month php developer but from what you describe I think i’m moving to the uk when i’m ready for kids :slight_smile:

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