Shared Hosting in UK or Ireland

I’ve been using a hosting service (Initials BN) which is based in Ireland. Very unsatisfactory - have to jump through all sorts of hoops to do simple things like set up wordpress etc.

I have a shared hostgator account which I find simple to use and had few problems. Can someone recommend an Irish or UK based similar shared service with cpanel?

One of my friends suggested to go for if you need your website hosted in UK based servers. I have 2 websites there and they are just fine with no support needed since last 6 months. However, they are not providing cPanel.

I don’t think many shared hosts provide cPanel access to be honest, it’s something you are more likely to expect with dedicated hosting, however in respect to UK hosting I have heard good things about (I use them as my domain registrar currently), their tech support is pretty good though I have never used them as a host so I cannot speak for their hosting packages or services - but as I have said, I have heard good things about it :slight_smile:

Hostgator uses cpanel on their shared hosting plans in the US. Wondering is there a UK equivalent?

i think the decision is on how much user willing to pay. pay for what we need, not for wat offered. to me shared hosting is just fine. but to those that want root access, then vps. so, i still think needs is the concern.

Do you want your hosting company in the Uk or the Servers should be located in UK ?

It seems he was looking (3 month + year old thread) for web hosting in the UK (servers).

from personal experience I can recommend Blacknight in Ireland. but expect to pay more than with larger US companies like Dreamhost, Bluehost or Hostgator. They have decent helpdesk though.

I host with HostMediaUK and so far I haven’t had any problems. CPanel X, 1 GB, unlimited addon domains, emails, subdomains, FTP accounts, 10 MySQL databases even on the cheapest plan. Servers in London and in USA. I host in London because it’s closer to Russia and thus the connection is fast. The only drawback was their DNS servers but I use [URL=“”]NameCheap’s FreeDNS anyway so that’s not a problem.