Shared FTP Client

The company I work for is looking for a new FTP client that will run on Win XP and Win 7. We’d like to be able to synchronize between computers in our office, so if one person changes account info, it will change for the other users as well.

Freeware would be great, but not necessary.

We currently use Ipswitch WS-FTP, but are having a lot of problems with it.

Thanks very much

u can use Filezilla

I use filezilla. I’m thinking you should be able to specify a file path for the config.xml file which contains the login info. So, if you put that on a shared drive and point all the FTP clients to that location, you won’t need any syncing since the file only exists in one place.

On the other hand, make sure it’s backed up so if somebody does something to it accidentally, a backup copy is available.

My nephew has set up a website for me. I have been trying to log in to FTP to transfer pages using the host name, username and password. The host name I am using begins with http:// but FTP keeps telling me this is wrong. I should be using FTP or some such instead of http://

What can i do?

DeclanDunne, it’s best if you start a new thread on your issue, as it’s unrelated to this one.

If you use filezilla and want to share it, be aware that filezilla will capture and store all passwords in clear text. And I believe it will capture passwords used to connect even if it’s a one-time connection.

Lots of trojans will steal ftp passwords from a hacked client computer then use the credentials to hack other servers. I use filezilla, but I’ve never understood the reluctance of the filezilla developers to securely store passwords.

If they do their work on the web, it’s run a home FTP server, or they hardly prefer a quick download from time to time, a solid, full-featured FTP client can be a lifesaver. They had got tons of options-both free as well as shareware-for your FTP needs, so detecting the right FTP client can be difficult.

Filezilla is easy and fast. If not you can try core ftp. It is also free.