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With aim of supporting for my future job - a secretary, I decided to learn computer skill but I am busy with my study on the university so that I want to find an online course to save time. After having searched on the internet to find a trusted address and reading a lot of reviews from other learners, I realized that Udemy is a trusted place for me to study. I just tried learning an online course of Microsoft at I realized that the teacher was so enthusiastic and help me in detail. In addition, they gave me a lesson that I can practice on my computer. In case I didn’t understand something on the lesson, I can drop a line of comment then the teacher will teach again and explain to me in detail. Moreover, I can replay to be more understand. The lesson is very clear and it divides into many sections so that I hardly ask question. Only few hours, I knew how to use Microsoft Office including Word, Excel, Power Point. I really like this address. However, the course is quiet expensive. I want to study more aspects as photoraphy and music but the courses are pretty expensive.

You could start with free online courses, check this Wikipedia article about the MOOC phenomenon for start:

Universities sometimes offer good material for self studies:

There are too many to mention, just look around. Study whatever you are interested in, that gives the best ROI.

IMHO; MS like other major companies, has an interest in locking in people to their products. All vendor courses has that as a goal, you will learn the products not the general understanding of how to get the best out of a wordprocessor for example, or any other software they don’t sell.


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