Share The #DevLife and #DesignLife

We’re holding a new competition in July: sharing the #DevLife and #DesignLife. Tell us your stories, funny anecdotes, short code, or even use images and let us know what goes on in the day-to-day life of a dev and designer. What frustrates you? What makes you laugh? What makes you go “oh… really?” :confused:

You can either participate by tagging us on Facebook and Twitter, or replying here.

Just for participating, you could win a special SitePoint t-shirt and swag. There’s a whole bunch of spot prizes, too.

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I’ll start :slight_smile:

When someone tells me adaptive and responsive design are the same thing:

Just to clarify @Jasmine, what’s the best way to do that? Just with the hash tag, or by @ing SP too? (I’m assuming it’s best to @ and hash?)

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the best is to @sitepointdotcom and use the hashtag but if you’re short of character space, I’ll find you via hashtag.

I will find you.


@ralphm - she will find you (via hashtag). If I have room I always @ as well. FYI if you’re going to @ someone at the start of a tweet but you still want others to see it, start it with .@ … did that make sense?

I am going loco with #DesignLife. It’s just so fun/funny/easy.

Being asked to ‘just make it pretty’



Thanks @katja_bak. Doesn’t everything you tweet get seen? (I’m not very hip with social. :slight_smile: )

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Twitter thinks if you’re using @ at the start of the tweet you’re replying to that person and it’s part of a conversation thread, so if you want it seen by others who aren’t following both your twitter and the “@” person you’re starting your tweet to, you need to add another character before the @. The easiest way is usually “.@”.

Thanks @Jasmine and @katja_bak. I had no idea about that. I might try something more creative that a typo, though.

Might try → @sitepointdotcom next time.

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.#DevLife : The reason why so many computer geeks love to play RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons is because they get to complete a task from start to finish without the requirements being changed in between.




A conversation I had over email (July 1st, 2015)

Sales Person: Do we have a logo we can send?
Me: See Attached (EPS Logo Attached)
Sales Person: Do we have a PNG? This version is not opening.
Me: As in you cannot open or they cannot open it? EPS files are standard for design.
Sales Person:They don’t have the programing to open the file.

(Would post the actual gif but apparently new users can’t post images??)

#DesignLife #icanteven



When a back-end dev says, “It’s just HTML and CSS.” #DevLife


You can also use a zero-width space if your use of @ isn’t an actual profile, e.g., CSS @supports. This is a convenient site to apply the zero-space width for you.

When someone says “I should have just stayed in bed,” I roll my eyes. All my trouble comes via email while working from the place I rarely leave.

Since I can’t post images see

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