Shall I book my domain name for 10 years to show stability?

I understand that search engine ranking depends upon hundreds of factors that SE never reveal completely. But I know that domain age is an important one. The domain name’s past age and future age (how many years the domain is registered for future) matters to establish a reputation for stability in SE view.

However I have noticed my competitors website was registered only one year before (in November 2012) and is registered for one year only (till Nov 2013). Still it has a page rank of 4? I am surprised to see this. I understand that he must have done good SEO and generated strong backlink profile with good content in his site…but still page rank 4 in mere 6 months sounds strange to me.

I was planning to book my domain name for 10 years in advance to show SE that I have a stable business in coming years. But now I think I have to change my strategy. Please advice me what do I need to do? Do I need to register my domain for these many years of shall I focus on other SEO activities only?

You just grab my mind for the new discussion “Does age of our website matters for SEO strategy?” and now I am searching for this too.Can you please provide few more facts how page age reflect the SEO strategy???

The age of your website is definitely a factor, but here you will not have any option but to start from the beginning because you do not own a time machine (if you do, please PM me).

Booking your domain for 10 years will not tell Google anything. The only way they will give you credit for having a steady business for 10 years is if you have a steady business for 10 years. I’m sure there have been lots of people who buy a domain for 10 years and go out of business in 2. I may be wrong, but I do not see how this could be a relevant factor in their algorithm.

If you want good SEO results, you should get the domain for 1 or 2 years and invest the rest in content.

Domain age has very minor factors I would absolutely not worry about that, and certainly you don’t have to renew domain for 10 years it won’t prove anything to search engines. Keep focusing on these things and you’ll keep focusing on the wrong ones :slight_smile:

What really matters is backlinks! The number, the anchor text you use, the sites that link to you.