Setuping Mail Server

Recently I have bought a new domain and my hosting package supports unlimited email accounts. Whenever I want to check my emails then I have to open my Cpanel first and go to webmail and then check my emails. But I wanna check emails without opening cpanel.

I have asked my friend and he suggest me to setup a new mail server for that. But I don’t think its necessary cause I have already a mail server for that domain.

Now I am confused what would I do? Need urgent help from you guys.


You can log in to your mail direct (without going through cPanel first) at yourdomain:2096. You can also set up an e-mail client such as Thunderbird to access your mail.

cpanel will already have set up the mail servers for you - it will now just be a case of getting the configuration options so you can either access the webmail directly (without going into cpanel first) or so you can use Outlook (Express) or Thunderbird to access the mail.

Very Good !
How can I access my webmail through Thunderbird? Can u tell me in details?

Log into your cPanel and choose “e-mail accounts”. Next to the account you want to configure, there is a drop-down menu called “More”, with the option to “Configure E-mail Client”. Choose that, and it will show you the settings you need to manually configure Thunderbird. You have the choice of configuring it as a POP3 or IMAP account.

Easy as that - I wouldn’t have been able to guide you where to find the settings in cpanel (don’t have access to one atm), my guess would have been and your email details from the webmail :slight_smile: