Setup Apache

I try to follow the instructions in your book to setup the Apache Server. As I think, I didn’t make any syntax mistake in the files php.ini and httpd.conf (please see attachement! I didn’t attach the file php.ini because the file size exceeds the allowed attachment size of 64Kb.).
Two things were strange when after download from (version 5.3.2):

  1. There was no file php.ini-dist. That’s why I used the file php.ini-development to copy and rename it php.ini.
  2. There was no file php5apache2_2.dll. I copied it from to the folder C:\PHP.

I’m still not able to start the Apache server. What have I done wrong?

What happens if you place php file to home directory of Apache ?
Is it executed?
Try this code:


If I access with localhost a window with “It works” appears. The problem is only if I want to start Apache from toolbar…
If I open Apache Service Monitor there is no connection to PHP shown in the status bar. There is only written: Apache/2.2.15 (Win32)

What do you see when you try to access localhost?

Windows Vista Home Premium

operation system

What do you mean with OS? I can’t follow you.

What OS ?