Setting up Supabase Google OAuth with Capacitor (android)

heyy! I’m Joe Ricotta, Can somehow help implementing this? I’ve been trying everything but can’t get it to work…

→ I think I have to set flowType to pkce?

export const supabase = createClient(supabaseUrl, supabaseAnonKey, {
	auth: {
		flowType: 'pkce',

→ I enabled cookies; do I have anything else to facilitate this?

    "CapacitorCookies": {
      "enabled": true

→ I set up Google Cloud console + Supabase correctly. When running:

const signInWithProvider = async (provider) => {
    const redirectTo = 'com.myapp.myapp://auth';
    const { error } = await supabase.auth.signInWithOAuth({
      options: { redirectTo },
    if (error) console.error(error);

→ I’m getting back a response containing access_token, code, id_token (with user data); etc.

I’ve tried setSession and However I’m unable to turn this into a session:

const { data, error } = supabase.auth.setSession({ access_token: varA, refresh_token: varB });

I’ve also tried exchangeCodeForSession but I always run into errors.

await supabase.auth.exchangeCodeForSession(code)

It’s unclear to me how I can use the response from Google to start a session; supposedly the session should be created by the supabase client but I can’t make it work.

Could someone please walk me through the correct implementation of this?

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