Setting up podcasting for a non-tech user

I have a user who wants to start making podcasts, but they only have basic skills when it comes to technology. So, I was trying to get a process together that would be easy for them to follow.

To upload files (the mp3’s and rss feed files), I have an explorer shortcut for their FTP space. To record the podcast, I was going to either use audacity or PodProducer.

For the RSS feed, I was looking for a podcast RSS generator of some sort. In my search for this, I’ve come across a lot of dead links and a lot of paid tools, so I haven’t come up with anything too useful. Is there a free, reliable webservice or windows-based tool available that folks like to use?

Thanks :slight_smile:

You can try, it’s free and it has good support. Take care

Try Googling podcast hosting. I think you will be able to find some easy, cheap/free services that will handle this for you.