Setting up Espresso & MAMP

Hi all,

I’ve just installed MacRabbits Espresso and MAMP, so far so good however when I try to preview PHP files in Espresso it doesn’t work, the path in espresso is file:///Applications/MAMP/htdocs/ and don’t know where to change it so it points to http://localhost:8888/

Where do you change the path? or how do I fix this?

Good question. It’s interesting because that’s the actual destination folder in which your PHP files reside, but not the correct destination of the web server address in which they are hosted. So I’m assuming this would only work for HTML files. It’d be like trying to view a PHP file that’s located on your desktop through a browser, it wouldn’t work. But if it were an HTML file, it would work because it doesn’t require a server to execute the PHP code.

You think Espresso even has a built-in feature to fix this? Because isn’t it primarily an interactive CSS and HTML editor? Anyway, have you looked through all the preferences in Espresso –> Preferences or whatever the name of the settings menu item is? Perhaps there is some setting that allows you to change the path for PHP files to be the corresponding web server root address…

@svcghost It’s a shame because espresso is so easy and elegant to develop sites with. I’ve tried going through it’s help, google and finally asked the question here, so I guess I’m out of luck, unless someone has figured it out already and posts a solution or a link to a solution on here.

Well apparently there isn’t a way, so I’ve ditched espresso and moved onto the new version of coda and lovin’ it! You’d think the developers of espresso would have added this simple feature already by now, the feature was requested in 2009 on their official forum and acknowledged by one of the developers as ‘to be done, in the future’, till then I’m sticking with coda.