Set stripe ad display delay

I use a stripe ad at the top of my site, and would like to delay the display of it until the visitor starts scrolling down the page, has scrolled Xpx, etc…is this possible?

An alternative I considered, was delaying the display of it by X seconds. I tried -moz-transition-delay: 10s;, but it did not work.

My stripe ad is all div’s and css:

.stripe-ad { font-weight: bold; text-align: center;}
.stripe-ad a { text-decoration: underline;}


This really sounds like a job for JavaScript. Would you like this moved to the JavaScript forum, or do you want to try something simpler with CSS?

if you go the javascript route take a look at this page:
.scroll() – jQuery API

It should be easy to do with jQuery - there is a nice example at the bottom of that page too.

As Ralph said this is really a js question but I thought I’d have a go anyway and came up with this. Scroll down by 300px and then the advert will appear.

It may not be the best solution but seems to work although you will probaby get a much better answer in the JS forum.:slight_smile:

It sounds that way…can you move it, along with the replies?

@Baylisstic - thank you.

@Paul O’B - excellent! I’ll work off of what you started with…thanks.


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Thread moved to JS forum.