Session to start

I have been having a coding problem. Went back to the books and came across this bit of information. Can anyone tell me if I should be updating my C drive

Enabling file uploads and sessions. the windows installer designates two folders in your user area as the values for upload_tmp_dir and session.save_path. However, file uploads and sessions won’t work unles you create the folders yourself.

In Windows XP go to C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Local Settings\Temp.

Create a new folder called php, and inside that folder, create two subfolders called upload and session.

Is this information true as it is not set in my computer. Just need to know if this will help my session :blush:

If they are not there then yes you will probably need to create them.

Are you using a wamp system of some kind? (Apache & php for windows). If you are then there are better versions which don’t require any configuration at all. Google xampp and uniformserver.

PHP is set up with my hosting company. should I see first if they have it set up. :confused:

I see it is set up with my hosting so it must be my coding.

Hang on, you’re not being very clear about your setup.

You mentioned “my C drive”. That gives the impression you’re working on your own PC. Is this the case or are you on a windows server? - If you’re on a windows/linux server which already has PHP installed then you shouldn’t need to configure anything. It should be already setup.