Session expires very quickly

Hello everybody,

I have session_start(); on every page of my script and I don’t use cookie.

But the browsers recognize my session only a short period of time. If I go away and come back, my session loses.

Moreover, even I stay at the page of around two hours the session still expires.

Can can I solve this issue.


Extending session_start() is no mean task :slight_smile:

Study the following “User Contributed Notes” from te PHP Manual.

I think it may be time to investigate Cookies();

Thank you

In your php.ini file what settings have you got for:

  • session.gc_probability
  • session.gc_divisor
  • session.gc_maxlifetime

By this, do you by any chance mean you leave a tabbed window open, you open/close a tab or close/open your browser, or do you even mean hang up you line then reconnect?

Do you have several tabs open even?

Can you be more explicit?

I navigate to the other site of around 1 hour using the same browser tab and come back to my website. I have to log in again because the session is expired.