Server/apache/htaccess code peices reference?

I’m not looking for snippets I’m looking for a reference that explains what every little piece of code (.? ^ and etc) does exactly. I like to have a working knowledge of what the code is doing and not just blindly follow what was given to me. Thanks.

Additionally what is server/apache/htaccess code called? Like css and html. Is it just called apache?

That would be the Apache documentation. My guess is you’ll spend most of your time in the [URL=“”]rewrite section. Rewrites, in turn, use [URL=“”]regular expressions.

So far as I can tell, there’s no branded name. It’s simply referred to as configuration file syntax.


The reference is a subset of regular expressions (no multi-line, no italic, etc., because they’re dealing with Apache variables). I explain nearly all you need to know in the tutorial linked in my signature. There is also a ‘regex cheat sheet’ linked at the end of the very long page.

The code is known as mod_rewrite after the Apache module which is used.