SERP Page rank down after DDoS attack. Can anyone help?

Can any let me know about how to increase SERP page rank?

I am not going to share my website link due to site rules. My website was in good rank from last 1-2 years and suddenly I found that I got some DDoS attack. And after it I changed my server.

Now I found that my website dropped the ranking to 5-6 pages with same keywords (before DDoS attack it was on 1st page).

Let me know how I can increase my site rank again.

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I need also help related to this question; my website also got down due to Google updates, so how can I get back my traffic and also how can I make my website more user friendly? Please kindly help me in this matter; you can visit my page.

Theres not a “push button make SERP” answer.

If you’ve changed your server but not your address, you shouldnt see a notable difference in your search engine rank from that, assuming your new server is as good as your old one (page serving times etc).

How you increase your rank doesnt change answer becausr you were attacked. You got knocked down, but keep doing what got you to the top and you’ll get back there again if nothing has changed (internally or externally).

If things have changed, then… they have changed. Adjust as you would for any page.

Everything is same even the new server is more faster then the previous one.

So can you please let me know that how much time it will take to get back into the top?

Between thanks for the explanation

Theres no definitive answer to that either. Depends on many factors, and isnt guaranteed.

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Yeah I can understand. Between thanks for your answer. Any other suggestion?

Make sure your new server has DDoS protection so you dont have to go through it again? (If you were targetted once, and didnt go away…what’re the chances they’ll try again?)

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I am not sure about that part but yeah I will go with DDoS Protection. Thanks again for your suggestion

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