Seriously... why?

I’ve recently started a job that does a lot of ecommerce work. As platforms for e-commerce sites they use Miva and OsCommerce.

I know OSCom has the advantage of being open source, but even then there are huge drawbacks.

But Miva… what the ()*"£. From a developers POV its the worst thing i’ve ever came across. Its so basic, and to make it worse its compiled using ‘mivascript’ so even then i’m restricted heavily to the point where I can do nothing to maintain and extend the platform. Everything is about Miva is just nasty in my opinion.

I’ve looked at various stores using the platforms and the majority of them look like they were produced in the late 90s.

I recently downloaded the latest version of OSCom and when I installed it and went to the page, i was faced with line after line of errors. What? Why?

Does anyone still use these platforms (apart from my employer)? Can anyone offer any recommendations on how to extend/improve/etc the platforms? BTW i’m not learning ‘mivascript’ :nono:

What version of osCommerce you installed, 3.0 Alpha 5?

Alpha version is not recommended for production stores.


The aplha release is full of depreciated functions, etc and the stable release is just lame and slow with plenty of errors.

osCommerce? I have used it. But it is not so bad.

it makes me want to cry :stuck_out_tongue: