Seo udemy (and such) courses

I’m looking for seo courses (I’m a total noob) but I read that seo courses get outdated very fast since it’s an ever-changing subject. Can anyone recommend one that is up-to-date (ish)?

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Not a course as such, but I would recommend starting with Google’s comprehensive Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide. It covers all the basics, is kept up to date, and you don’t need to worry about whether the advice you’re given is in line with the search engines’ guidelines.

You can learn from Google and also you may watch video on Youtube, It will helpful for you.

I believe @shyperson20 is - quite rightly - trying to avoid the numerous “experts” who give outdated advice, so simply watching random videos on YouTube is not an option. How does a beginner know which to trust?


That is true to be honest

Hey, man, thanks a lot!

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This is often the first thing people try to do. Your answer will be more helpful if you gave the actual links to the sites you have found helpful. Just a tip for the next time you respond!

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