SEO Tools for writing content?

What are the 3 SEO tools you have tried which helped you in writing content?

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I am using simple tools like: SEO quake, SEO doctor


I’m a wordpress developer and I use Yoast seo for setting up my content.
For researching, I use kwfinder.
For creating keyword lists, scraping data quickly and just general purpose data manipulation I use cyberchef
For checking website’s seo, I use seositechecker(free version only)

Thanks dude

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keywordtool to find the best keys for the articles

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I use SERP Trends to checkout the rankings of my website in search result.

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Please note the question is specifically about tools to help with content writing.

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Best seo tools for you is Google webmaster and google analyitcs. From there you can check every single status of your site without paying any cost.

As mentioned above:

Hi there chanel_majic,

this is not a a question about SEO tools. :rolleyes:

The best tool for writing content is your brain. :winky:

If your brain does not possess the necessary literary
skills for the work in hand, then you really need to
employ another human being who does. :sunglasses:

You may find this to be helpful…



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Initially, it is extremely important to realize that content is the king of the website. In order to excel and keep your audiences glued to the screens and your website you must generate unique content. This will help you in making your users believe in you and your brand. Some of the SEO tools which can be very helpful in writing content are Grammar Checker, Plagiarism Checker etc…!!

I’m using Yoast Seo (the free version) and I try to find the good keywords with google suggest and Keyword Planner

I am using these tools

Hemingway App - While writing your copy to be given a color coded list of errors and improvements
PaperRater - For grammar, proofreading and plagiarism checks.
WriteWords - you’ll be able to chat with other members to get feedback on your content.

uber suggest, prepostseo and keywordtool are the seo tools used by me

For keyword planning semrush, google keyword planner are sufficient and for on page SEO I am using yoast premium in Wordpress Panel i think thats worth to best for you.

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@chanel_majic to check your content for plagiarism, may be helpful. You may also use this editor:


I’m puzzled as to why people are suggesting plagiarism checkers as tools to help with content writing. If you’re writing your own content, then surely you must know whether or not it’s your own original work, or whether you’ve largely copied it from somebody else’s work.


So far Yoast SEO for Wordpress seemed to do an amazing job.

I don’t use WordPress, so I’m unfamiliar with Yoast, @hello298. I understood that it helps with things like meta description and title. I’m interested to know what features it has that are helpful in content writing.

It offers Readability Analysis and SEO Analysis.

So for readability you can see:

  • If you wrote too long paragraph or you kept repeating the same word. Perhaps you used passive voice too much, etc.
  • It also shows your score for Flesch reading ease (it measures difficulty of the text in English).
  • If you have some sentences containing more than 20 words, it will suggest you to shorten the sentences for easier readability.
    These are just few examples. If you get a green light in readability analysis - you’re ready to go. If you get orange or red, you might want to fix some issues in your text. And they will clearly highlight what needs to be fixed.

In SEO part:

  • You can add your focus keyword, and have a snippet preview. You will be shown if your meta description is too long/short, if it contains focus keyword, etc.
  • It will show keyword density.
  • It will highlight if you forgot to add alt attributes for images or if you did it wrong.
  • It will analyse your headings, SEO titles and will offer solutions for errors.
  • You can also see analysis for internal/outbound links.
    These are also just few examples. Basically, it will show you every little detail that should be fixed for a better SEO and offers a solution. I find it incredibly helpful and very easy to use.
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