SEO Tips for Quotes Sharing Website

Hello Dear Friends,

I am working on a quotes sharing website, all the quotes are written by different writers and they are unique (not just a copy paste site).

I am very aware of ON page SEO but when it comes to off page SEO (or Backlinks) I always feel confused.

How can I ask people for backlinks? I mean all the tips available on internet are related to content blogs. I have only quotes on my site. NO How to and Why kind of post.

So please suggest me some good backlink resources for quotes sharing site.

Thanks a lot. if you find something confusing then please my humble request to discuss it with me.

I wish you the best of luck on trying to maintain that stance, unless you’re paying all your writers for unique content. It also makes your site a bit more niche to find, which is both good and bad.

“good backlink resources”, regardless of type of site, are going to be difficult. Organic growth is the best resource you’ve got; get your quotes out on social media, promote the site, stuff like that.


The best technique you can use is using the power of social media and social bookmarking. Just share your content on social media platforms like Reddit with relevant hashtags i.e. #quotes OR, in case of social bookmarking, bookmark the link to the relevant category. It will not only provide you some backlinks but also drive some decent amount of traffic to your page.

For getting backlinks you should do SEO. In SEO you should Social media posting, Blog Posting, Forum posting, Question Answer(On Quora), PDF submission, Social Bookmarking
, Article Submission, Video promotions, Press release promotion, directory submission and do Infographic submission on daily basis.

Most of those activities will not provide you with backlinks, as reputable sites mark user-submitted links as no follow, as we do here. Indeed, on many sites, link-dropping will get you banned (as it will here). In addition, search engines regard user-submitted links (described as "not editorially vouched for) as of little or no worth, and link campaigns designed to manipulate search rankings are a violation of most search engines’ TOS and may result in your site being penalised.

To all posters:

Please note that the OP has specifically asked for help with a quote-sharing website. Please ensure any replies are in that context, and not just general lists of tasks, which are of little or no help to a beginner.

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asking for backlinks is usually a waste of time. If you have a paid service you could offer them a free trial. Or you could just buy some