SEO Posts crazy ideas

Reading some of the SEO posts today I am thinking about starting a rumour that putting Google in the text somewhere on every page will improve your rankings :eyebrows:

It seems as plausible as some of the other crazy ideas people are coming up with.

They must be getting desperate as they ask for ideas on the web - If I had an idea on how to dramatically improve my rankings do you think I would share it with anyone else?


It’s probably a good idea not to read too many SEO posts @Rubble - it could make you crazy . There are a lot of people with a lot of strange ideas about SEO.


ha ha it’s always been like that hasn’t it?


Interesting you should bring this up as I have recently done some testing.

I used to eat eggs and meat every breakfast. Then one time I ran out of breakfast meat so I had oatmeal and eggs instead. Later that day my website finally appeared on the first page of Google. I was happy, but didn’t make the connection at that time.

I made it to the grocers, had my usual breakfast the next day, and woe, my site fell off the first page :frowning:

On a hunch, I skipped the meat the next day, and lo and behold, back on the first page ! :slight_smile:

Much elated to have discovered a great SEO secret I experimented further. I found that if I also eliminated eggs, the site came up not only on the first page, but within the top 3 results :tada:

I have checked with a few others, and sure enough, those that have both meatless and eggless breakfasts consistently ranked tops in Google search.

NOTE I have not looked into how this affects other search engines. It may very well be that it causes better results only for Google and worse results for all the rest.