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Try to find your niche market and your competitors. Don’t do spam links. Don’t do spinnig. Don’t do black hat SEO tricks to be oversmart.


If there’s an attribute in robots.txt as “noindex, nofollow”, google can’t index those page, check it by clicking the view source of the website or view by robot.txt file.


Thanks for the reply. yup i cheeked competitor back links. but they are using different country. in that website we can’t change the location there.


Off-page SEO is done at the very last stage. You have to finish with on-page seo. Your site should be checked for technical errors and user factors. I think the main problem in the site.


One should follow some effective off page techniques like;

  • content sharing
  • social bookmarking
  • forum submission
  • directory submission
  • document sharing
  • image submission
    these techniques will definitely help to increase keyword position.


Most forums will mark links as no follow, and if you post links to your site will get you banned from many forums.

I can’t see this would have much value for SEO.


What does this mean? Submitting images where helps with SEO how?

It is seldom,if ever, helpful to post a list with no explanation. Somebody sufficiently versed in SEO to understand what you mean by these things is unlikely to need to ask for basic assistance. It is much more useful to pick one or two tasks and take time to explain them clearly.


SEO Off page Activity are

Article submission
Blog submission
Classified submission
Images sharing
Video sharing
Info-graphics submission
Guest posting


To all posters:

Please do not post a list of tasks with no explanation, which is of no help to anybody. Please pick one or two activities you consider to be the most useful and explain clearly how to carry them out to best effect.

Posts with insufficient detail will be deleted as fluff.


OFF page SEO is related to contents, blogs, bookmarking ,social-networking etc. If you are associating rank and links with off page SEO, it goes beyond that. You can rank your website using On Page Search Engine Optimization. Use different on page SEO tools to optimize your website.


Have you gone trough canonical link tags?


Is this what you’re referring to, @digitaljthemes?


In off-page SEO, dofollow backlinks are mostly important. Build more high-quality backlinks, and your website will start ranking well on SERPs. Don’t rely on the quality of your content. Backlinks are more important than HQ content.


Sorry, but that’s just ridiculous. It might have been true many years ago in terms of SEO, but it hasn’t been true for a long time now.

And even supposing backlinks, rather than quality content, did get your site a high ranking - what then? I carry out a search, your site comes up and I visit. The quality of your content is poor, so I leave again immediately and never return. How have you benefitted from that?

Search engines are in the business of keeping their own users happy, and that means returning the best possible results for a search query.


try this
make a keyword atleast of for words and make it like a four word sentence.
Do not put any stop word in your keyword
If you put tag on your post, tag should be from your keywords.
sometime less number of tag helps lot.


Be sure your On Page SEO is correct On page SEO means your meta tags,ULR,Alt Tag,loading time etc.


To all posters:

Please keep to the subject of the discussion, which is off-page SEO.


Ive been doing SEO now for about 8 years. The single best thing ive done concerniing OFF page SEo is signing up for a link tool. The two biggest ones are Majestic and Ahrefs. In my opnion Ahrefs is the best of these two but in this matter SEOs are divided.
By starting to use a link tool you can get access to a very powerful tool when it comes to fiinding link opportunities. For example you can run a link profile of a competitor and then simply try to gain links from the same sites. Both Majestic and Ahrefs have free trial-periods and I advice you to try them out for yourself!


I think, You should have chosen right keyword according to low compitation and high average monthly searches…Try it once and get the result as soon as possible


I can understand you issue. i will let you know if your website is not ranking after doing enough Off page activities. If you do not complete you On-page your Off page will not work accordingly then you have to post blogs and article on daily basis then off- activates.