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How to increase keyword position through organic search?
I am doing all the off-page SEO activities. from 3months. but my keywords are not ranking! my keywords still in above 100th page and some keywords are 200 page!

How could I get high quality " do follow " backlink from relevant or direct competitors websites naturally?

Many off-page “techniques” ceased to be effective years ago, despite the number of so-called experts you’ll find still advocating their use. The most important factor for ranking is high-quality content and good site structure - especially if you’re in a high-competion niche.

Start with Google’s “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide” and make sure you’ve done everything they advise, and avoided those things which may lead to your site being penalised, such as link schemes.


Thanks for the valuable information.


Check out your webpage once on ON page seo like robot.txt and technical things which helps to index and crawl your webpage and it better to check your broken links it harm your health of your website and chance to decrease the rankings


do you use backlink strategy?


Off-page SEO is not that effective. It takes ages to reap any results from it. You have to have a strong on-page SEO strategy to rank your keywords if you want quick results. A planned on-page SEO strategy and a great and informative content will do wonders for you.


Hey, you would be following each and every step but you might be missing a few things listed below: -

  1. Updating your post
  2. Change your keyword process and try another
  3. Using google search console to get to know for what search query people are landing to your site and make changes accordingly.

I hope it would help you…


Thanks the for the information ,can you explain how to check ON page robot.txt and Broken links?


there are lot of free tools available to check robots.txt and backlinks like smallseotools,seositecheckup you can just google it


AFAIK you don’t need to use any “tool” other than what’s available with a Google Webmasters account. Last time I checked it wasn’t all that difficult to find out if there were any robots.txt problems and broken links were reported as Not Found errors.


Google offers a robots.txt checker:


Before using any keyword always check seo difficulty of that keyword. It must be low to rank. You can check it by using keyword research tools like KWfinder.


First you should check your on-page seo once because some on-page seo techniques are on helps to index and crawl your first you have to check on-page seo of your website.


What are those keywords? Did you check with the keyword volume before stepping in to the project? Have you analyzed your competitors backlinks before? What are the off page SEO activities that you are doing now?


have you tried building high quality backlinks. It helps me a lot.


as I tried to say before - quality backlinks is your chance.


Quality backlinks are those links which you earn by having high-quality content other sites choose to link to. Links which you create yourself may be helpful to drive traffic and increase awareness of your content, but they are not considered quality links, and will do little to improve your search ranking.

Quality content and an adherence to search engines’ guidelines are the main things to focus on.


Google always considers links as the important part. If you don’t have a good link profile you would never reach the top.


Again, Google considers quality content as the important part. Quality links - where another site has chosen to link to yours - are certainly a factor in ranking, but only one of many. I’m not saying that links are irrelevant; I’m saying that creating links yourself in the belief that this technique still works is a waste of time, and may be a violation of Google’s guidelines.


My fault, actually I meant it from the start. Link surrounded by quality content from the high DA website will not only increase traffic, but will be considered by google as a good link and will improve your positions.
Just in case for somebody here is good info about links&google at Forbes